Managing Director and Co-Founder

Sidharth Jain – A Bits Pilani Alumnus, has been in consultancy and financial analytics for over 6 years. With over a dozen startups, including some of them which are non profit in nature, Sidharth is considered a veteran in the startup world. Constantly investing in budding start-ups, he has nurtured many startups to break the conventional barriers and create a sustainable working environment. Extremely patient and ever optimistic, extreme case of workaholic, passionate writer and frequent traveler. If you have a good idea and want a opportunity for incubation, you can always contact Sidharth and meet him over a cup of coffee.

CEO and Co-Founder

Abhinandan Jain- Bangalorean by Heart, a party animal, an aggressive Businessman. Completed his engineering from PESIT-Bangalore, has been managing Counfreedise even before completing his education. He has been the face of counfreedise from its inception. His management skills and ruthless business sense is a legend among all the people who know him. Making every second count abhinandan has worked tirelessly on all counfreedise ventures. Counfreedise truly owes its success to his fine sense of judgement. The best place to meet him will at the most happening party in town.


Subramanya Goenkar- A warren buffet follower and a firm believer in the importance of finance in any organization, he has pursued his education in BCom and Chartered Accountancy and being a specialized foreign trade professional has a vision of bringing indian ecommerce to the world. With over 6 years of experience in statutory, internal audit, taxation, due diligence ,treasury management and business valuation advisories. His clientele involves top retail firms, manufacturing companies and prominent finance companies. Subramanya joined counfreedise in 2017 as the CFO.