Trends That Dominate E-commerce Sector

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November 30, 2018
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January 10, 2019

Trends That Dominate E-commerce Sector

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

eCommerce continues to grow as more and more retail brick n mortar outlets are creating an online presence. The convenience of purchasing anything one wishes for, anytime anywhere, is a trend that won’t fade away.

In an environment that is constantly changing, upgrading and challenging on how things are done, the future of e-commerce would be a bit difficult to predict. As technologies improve and organizations wrestle each other to win a greater share of the pie, one thing is for sure- there is more on the horizon than what currently we see. Having said that, some things will remain untouched like -customer service, delivery timelines, and product selection. Now as a prudent business owner, you must be aware of the appropriate strategies to implement in order to keep your business ahead of the competitive curve. For that, let’s have a quick glance at what all needs to be done in order to be future-ready:

Personalization of services:
As it becomes more and more difficulty holding on to customers in the backdrop of fierce competition, greater emphasis on personalization is of critical importance. Think about it, you as a buyer would only like to do business with a vendor who treats you with all attention and understands what your needs are.

Merging of E-commerce & Physical Commerce:
The line between e-commerce and retail store is blurring out. Companies are looking for different ways to enhance the shopping experience by bringing together online tracking and customer information to their real-world experience. The idea is to use existing online data of the customers and to give them an experience they would cherish-both online and offline.

E-commerce Curation & Pay Monthly Models
Customers nowadays don’t want to just buy some generic products but rather want to buy curated products, packages or lifestyle products. This is where your product expertise and knowledge come together to create an enjoyable experience and long lasting impression of your brand. Hence, it is estimated that product curation and monthly payment models will dominate the future of e-commerce.

AI Is The Next Big Thing:
As discussed in the first point, personalization is the key. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a huge role in figuring out as to what a customer looks at while browsing through the website and shopping history to offer better services. And the day wouldn’t be far when the proliferation of AI-driven systems improve the overall capabilities of the industry. We shall go in-depth on this topic in our upcoming blog.

All this will sound exciting and at the same time seem overwhelming, but rest assured you’re in safe and professional hands. At Counfreedise, we offer complete e-commerce solutions that will transform your business to take on any challenges that may come up. We help your business gear up for the future with top-notch technology, dedicated brand coordinators, expert data analysts, state of the art warehousing facilities, complete transparency via web module and apps for smartphones.




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