Counfreedise is a pioneering E-Commerce aggregator established with the primary purpose of making selling on E-Commerce portals convenient. We have developed an array of proprietary AI based software solutions to handle various aspects related to online selling helping sellers in inventory management, accounting, returns management, pricing etc.

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BuyMore - a brand of Counfreedise Retail Services Ltd pioneers in helping sellers sell online.

Sellers send the products that they wish to sell online to BuyMore therest is managed completely by them including warehousing, cataloguing, order fulfilment, return management, account reconcilliations, multi channel fulfilment, international portal listing and fulfilment.

Geo connect which is a initiative to distribute stock in various warehouses of BuyMore across India so that customers can get the products at the earliest.

Counfreedise was founded in 2012, by Sidharth Mahesh and Abhinandan Mahesh with the sole ambition of creating a company that has a strong work ethic and has a highly stable future. Counfreedise is all set to launch an IPO in a very short time.

BuyMore - a brand of counfreedise retail services ltd is a leading edge retail solution thathelps sellers aspiring to gain an advantageover competitors. The ERP solution developed helps vendor manage almost everything.

We have recently released apps for android and iOS,
this helps vendors to check there sales related data on the go.

With over 450 national and international brands outsourcing there entire online selling to BuyMore, no brand is too big or too small to partner with them. Dedicated brand cordinators, expert data analysts, state of the art warehousing facilities, Complete transparency via ERP web module and apps for smart phones these are just some of things that screams Sell More With BuyMore.

Retail Solutions from Counfreedise includes
  • Warehousing Solutions

  • Amazon Prime Tag

  • Multi Portal Fulfillment

  • Cross Border E-Commerce

  • Geo Connect - BuyMore

  • Logistics Solution

  • Branding and Online Advertising

  • Cataloguing Solutions

  • Accounting Solutions

  • Affiliate Warehousing

Software Solutions from Counfreedise

BuyMore ERP system


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