Amazon Prime Tag

Ask anyone who is selling on amazon and they will tell you what the importance of having a prime tag next to there product is. Products and sellers with Prime tag tend to sell over 5 times more than non prime sellers. Amazon offers various perks towards prime product sales: they give faster delivery options, prime members can get faster delivery at mostly no additional cost, no minimum order for free delivery for prime members for buying from prime sellers and so much more.

The only other way for your products to get a prime tag is if you send your inventory to amazon fulfillment centres, but with Buymore you can get the prime tag and also use the same inventory to sell on 9 international and 3 national portals including amazon, flipkart and paytm mall. With buymore when a return comes in we show you the picture of the product and advice you on how we could help you refurbish the product ourselves, so that you don’t get the burden of calling your stocks back from the warehouse.

If you opt for our GEO – Connect services, your product would have a better flexibility to move through all our 3 warehouses, making your product come closer to your customers and the portals would make your product come up in customer search results, the money that you save in shipping charges is an added benefit.