Branding and online advertising

Brand building online is as difficult, needs attention and expertise as offline brand building. Buymore offers number of customized brand building solutions to suit your need. We also have variety of outsourced PR and marketing agencies to help you build your brand. If your looking for slow and steady growth by just advertising online and online portals Buymore can take up the entire brand building process and help you scale up at your own pace.

Online advertising: This is advertising as sponsored products in online portals, generally if your products ranks low in portals your products will appear on much later pages. The chances of sales increases if the products are visible on page 1 or so of the website for the search result related to your product. Online advertising does precisely this. It makes your product appear on page 1 of the search results so that custiomers and see it and chances of sales increases, once the sale starts off the product ranking gradually increases and may appear on earlier pages without even advertising. Buymore recommends a mix of advertised product sale and organic product sale so that product rank is maintained.

Many portals offer many other kinds of advertising, like amazon offers lightening deals and inline search campaigns and paytm offers higher cashback to customers based on higher commission rate that we offer them. These kinds of advertisements are taken care by Buymore and help you plan your advertising budget much better.