Geo Connect – A BuyMore Logistics Solution

A Buymore logistics solutions: With time ecommerce has gone through immense number of changes , online portals have identified and are in the process of solving many customer related issues to help increase and sustain customer base. One of the key points every online portal has been trying from over a year is to reduce the delivery time to the customer. In a country like India with over 70000 pin codes, faster delivery is nothing short of a challenge. One of the ways online portals have developed is helping the customer view the product that could be delivered faster to them based on its location. For example : A person from Hyderabad can see products stored in southern states much more than the products stored in the north.

Buymore understands this and has currently opened its warehouses in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Geo-connect is an effort where if a seller sends his product to our Delhi warehouse, we redistribute it top our other warehouses as well, so that the product gets better visibility from all regions and also delivery costs is reduced. Hence increasing the overall conversion rates of your stock.

Geo Connect is currently offered on invitation basis to our top vendors, but you can always call us and request us to opt for it. As soon as our beta testing on the service is over, it will be conveyed to all our current sellers.