Multi-Portal Fulfilment

This is where Buymore, a brand name of counfreedise pvt ltd beats almost all its competitors. Buymore not only helps you sell on one or two platforms, They currently help you list in over 9 international portals and 3 national portals including amazon, flipkart and paytm mall. With the basic information about the product you give us, we list your products on all the platforms, help you price the product and stay price competitive by providing your products with various price rules so that you can stay ahead of your competition and also be careful about your profit margins.

All the orders and returns on all portals are managed by Buymore, you can view your sales and returns in our ERP system. Our Brand coordinators will interact with you frequently to improve your sales and help you understand the Buymore system.

We not only fulfill your orders and process your returns , we also help you advertise your products on all the platforms, we try to get better deals with the portals for you wherever possible. We see that your product rating is also better as we process your orders at the earliest and respond to customer complains within 24 hrs which helps customers to rate your products better and thus helping your sales grow over a period of time.