Warehousing Solutions

If you are an E-Commerce Seller or planning to be an online seller, one of the foremost challenges you would face is having a good warehouse management system in place.

You might have problems such as

a) How big a warehouse do you need?
b) How many employees do you hire?
c) How do you go about training your employees?
d) What are the software and hardware costs of setting up a warehouse?
e) How do you manage inventory?
f) How much packing material do you keep in stock?
g) How will you check if the courier deliveries have happened to the customers?
h) How will you manage returns?

Buymore, a brand name of counfreedise retail services pvt ltd offers solutions and much more to all the above queries. With over 50000 sqft of warehousing space and growing Buymore offers you best in class flexible warehousing space at no cost, yes you heard it right at absolutely no cost for your online sales. You just pay when a sale happens on any of the online platforms.

All of Buymore employees serve close to 250 brands today are well trained and efficiently go about about performing online fulfillment services. With best in class Inventory management system, Buymore gives you an access to near real time inventory data, sales data, returns data with images, accounts quantity reconciliation , accounts ledger for your accounts department and a dashboard with graphical representation of all your sales parameters.

With warehouses in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore Buymore has covered three major geographies of india, we will be starting with operations in Kolkatta soon enough so that your inventories are much closer to your customers. Having your inventory better geographically placed helps in cutting down on courier charges, return courier charges which forms a sizeable part of expenditure in ecommerce.

Don’t wait just contact us now, and list your products with buymore and get access to listing on over 9 international portals and 3 national portals including flipkart, amazon and paytm mall. When you get an order in one of the portals the stock is adjusted in all others simultaneously, so more the number of sales channel more the chances of sales happening.