BuyMore ERP system


Once you sign up with Buymore, you get access to the Buymore erp system wherein you can get all the information you require about your online business.


All your orders are shown here and you can get all information like at what price it was sold on the portal, what charges were in fact applicable on the sale along with final settlement value. You will also know the portal on which the sale occurred.


All your returns are shown in this page, you can all the information like when the return request was received on the portals, along with commission charged by portals on these returns. As and when these returns reach Buymore , we process it and mark the condition in which it was received, if it is in perfect condition we mark it good, if there is slight damage may be on the box we mark it refurbishable or damaged if there is something major with the product. The page has pictures of your refurbishable and damage products, so that you can decide what to do with it.

Weekly payments:

Buymore releases payments every week, For all orders received till the last Thursday, payments are made a week later keeping a weeks orders as reserved to compensate in case of returns.

How it works


Quantity Reconciliation:

This section helps you know , how much stock was sent to Buymore, How much was sold, how much was returned and how much is in transit. The error in this section is usually because of any delays in the system like courier delays, return processing delays or warehouse system updation delays. In any case this helps you get an idea in terms of quantity of stock coming in and going out.


Buymore accounting system works very differently compared to other aggregators, here Buymore actually purchases the product from you with a promise to pay you when the sale occurs, in case the sale doesn’t occur you can take back the stock. All loses which occur due to returns are bourn by the vendor. In this system you need to have a ledger to keep a track of transactions in a traditional fashion, as in credit , debit and balances between the vendor and Buymore.

Service tax invoices:

When a sale occurs and the product comes back as return, portals hold back certain amount as a part of courier loses and commission charges. Once the return comes back, the return cancels the sale, but yet there is a amount of lose that has occurred in that transaction, this transactions is accounted for in every month. You can download this service invoice from this section.


The products can be priced and the pricing can be automated. For example: you can set pricing rule code in such a way that the price of the product changes with the change in competitor’s price or when your incoming changes. There are tens of pricing rule codes you can formulate and price your product accordingly.