A Buymore product, It helps you get all the data possible from your amazon listing. Just upload the ASINs of the product or your SKUs from your seller account

Data which you get includes

a) Name
b) Description
c) Package and Product dimensions
d) Sales Rank and Sales rank categories
e) Image links
f) Your current selling price
g) Competitors price
h) Estimated commission
i) Estimated Sales per month
j) Feedback count and start rating
k) Other details like manyfacturer, brand name etc

And over 25 more related data

What can be done with this data

a) Pricing

Get current buybox price so that you can update the price and get the buybox

Get competitors price categorized as FBA and Non FBA, so that you can plan your pricing better

b) Analytics

Number of sellers for the product helps you understand the competition

Sales Rank is given and we also give you an estimate of sales of the product

FBA and MFN fees gives you an idea about the total payout so that you can check if you can procure and sell the product at a profit

Seller feedback count and star rating helps you decide the kind of product you can procure for sales

How it works

Get product information now is so easy

1) Prepare a simple CSV file with ASINs or your product SKUs.

2) Upload the file, and click on start to convert

3) The conversion starts and you will be notified once the conversion is complete, first time conversion might take some time depending upon how many products you have uploaded

4) Select the columns you need to see and Click on generate, the columns are now visible and you can also download the data for future use.

You can also select on auto update option and this ensures that your data is refreshed every few hours.


Trial pack
Rs 0.
15 products
3 trial uses.
Pro Version
Rs 1750
5000 products (Rs 1500 for every additional 5000 products)
unlimited conversions