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This product can be a difference between a good seller and a great one. Did you ever think that same products sold by so many sellers who procure these products at almost similar prices, then why are some sellers successful and some are not. The reason is very simple successful sellers have basic knowledge of finance and profitability, they understand

a) Inventory management
b) Right products to buy
c) Liquidate products at the right time

Any firm however big it is has certain fixed capital that it would like to invest and expect returns out of. Using the capital to buy goods that sell earlier even though with a lesser margin can give higher returns that a product which may end up giving higher profit margin but takes a lot longer to sell.

Example: Consider two products of Rs 1000 one which sells 10 pcs a month but with profit margin of just 1 pc another product which sells 3 pcs a month but with a profit margin of 3 pc. Mr A buy 10 of each product end of one month he has sold all of the first product and 3 of second product. Net profit he makes is Rs 190 (100 for the first and 90 for the second. Net profit he makes on his investment of Rs 20000 is rs 190 that is 0.95 pc. Now Mr B purchases 10 pcs of first product and just 3 pcs of second product. Mr B not only ends up on saving the investment of 7 additional products but also makes a profit of Rs 190 which though is equal to Mr A in terms of value but based on return on investment its 1.46 pc which is much higher than Mr A.

Hence predicting which product to procure at what levels is the most basic and important question to be asked while managing ones inventory. Lean Seller helps you do just that. It helps you predict the sales of the product on amazon.

How it works

If you just want to check the prediction of sales based on sales rank of your product just enter the sales rank of your product select the category and click to check. If you want to check for all your products that are listed in amazon, Just Go Pro , enter your amazon MWS credentials and we will get the sales rank of all your products and give you a sales estimate along with excess stock of products you already hold. So that you can get profitable.


Go Pro

Rs 1200

Upto 5000 products (Rs 850 for every additional 5000 products)

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You will get a list to download every day.