Price – Is – Right


Stay competitive all the time is the only objective of this Buymore product. As India’s top amazon and other portal seller, we always found it difficult and time consuming to change the prices manually. Here we let you set your limit between which you want us to price your product and then choose one of your already created pricing rules to price your product, The prices of your product gets updated as frequently as possible on portals.

Kinds of pricing rules you set includes

1) Based on competitors: Here you can always compete with your competitors, equal your price or go below or above there price by a certain percentage or fixed value compared to your competitors price.
2) Flat discounts: You can give a flat discount on your products and these changes get uploaded on the portal.
3) Fixed profit margins: You can upload your cost of product and set a definite profit margin (or lose margin in case your liquidating) we will upload the prices accordingly.

With Price is right you get many kinds of flexibilities like

a) Changing price rule at will. The prices will get uploaded automatically accordingly
b) Get a list of products for which your not getting buybox due to range in which you want to sell your products at you can work on getting better margins for these products

You can set the range of your pricing based on your profit margin as well

How it works

1) Just enter your amazon MWS credentials
2) Once you do this, click on run the data button
3 )By the time your data is running, make different kind of price rules and boundary rules
4) Once the data is ready, you can manually enter the boundaries and price rule codes or do a simple csv upload for the same.
5)Cross check the data uploaded and change the status of pricing to enabled


1 – 500 products Rs 600 / month
500 – 1000 products Rs 900 / month
1000 – 5000 products Rs 1500 / month
5000 – 10000 products Rs 2100 / month
10000 – 50000 products Rs 2800 / month
50000 – 100000 products Rs 3500 / month